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Here at Protein Recipes, we want you to reach your goals in the most delicious way possible.

We all know that nutrition is critical when it comes to health, performance, and body composition goals. More people than ever are becoming more food conscious and trying to make better choices.

But finding healthy recipes these days can be difficult, especially when you have specific dietary preferences, restrictions, or macros to hit.

We wanted to make finding recipes a piece of cake (pun intended). Whether that cake is gluten-free, high in protein, or 100% plant based is up to you.

Just chose your filters, pound that search button, and prepare to be amazed by tons of tasty recipes.

Why Protein Recipes?

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As our name implies, most of our recipes are high in protein and many incorporate protein powders. We’re pretty big fans of protein around here.

Protein is one important macro. Dietary protein provides essential amino acids that our body uses for every important function in our body. Amino acids are responsible for hormone regulation, immunity, metabolism and more.

Since our body cannot make all of the proteins we need, we have to supply them through our diet. Failure to do so can result in skin issues, hair loss, chronic disease, mood swings, and weight problems. Yikes.

This macronutrient is critical for optimal health, yet we struggle to get enough.

The DRI for protein is 56g for males and 46g for females, but keep this in mind: This modest recommendation is to prevent protein deficiency, it has nothing to do with optimal health and body composition.

So how much is enough? What magic number should we be aiming for? It all depends on your gender and age, but a solid recommendation is 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

This might seem like a lot of protein. Well, it kind of is. But that’s where Protein Recipes comes to the rescue with thousands of delicious and unique recipes.

You’ll also notice we use protein powder in quite a few of our recipes. This is to help boost the protein content of our recipes and to keep sugars low. You don’t have to limit your protein powder to just water and a shaker cup. Our recipes use protein powder in some pretty ingenious ways so you’ll never get sick of a boring shake again!

Custom To You

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Long gone are the days of plain protein shakes and bland chicken. With protein recipes, you’ll find thousands of recipes high in protein that are anything but boring. You’ll find everything from high protein cinnamon rolls to healthy campfire dinners.

Not only are our recipes fun and delicious, they are made with foods and ingredients that will improve your health.

What we put into our bodies matters. We can make food our medicine and nourish our bodies or we can let it be our poison and slowly ruin our health.

We wanted our recipes to benefit you and improve specific areas of your health. That’s why many of our recipes have specialized health benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a smoothie to boost your energy or a snack to fight inflammation, we’ve got recipes with proven ingredients to fuel and nourish your body.

Fits Your Macros, Every Time

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Tracking macros are growing in popularity and for good reason. Planning your diet according to macros allows more flexibility in the diet and can help you reach body composition goals faster.

Restrictive diets don’t work.

Decades of failed diets and a population where 74% of us are overweight has proved that. The truth is, you don’t have to cut out delicious food in order to reach your goals.

When you know what macros you need, you can fit nearly anything into your diet. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the math of figuring out the nutritional info of each one of our recipes.

With each recipe, you’ll know the exact macros so you can spend less time calculating and more time working towards those lofty aspirations of yours.

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